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This Sunday, November 13 at Shady Oaks Baptist Church we will celebrate Orphan Sunday! As Christians, we are a people called to defend the fatherless…to care for the child that has no family…to visit orphans in their distress.

On Orphan Sunday, we along with thousands of other churches will respond to the call to care for the orphan, and learn what we can do in response. It is our prayer that God’s great love for the orphan will ressonate in our lives as well.

On Sundays at SOBC, I usually wear a suit and tie. But on Orphan Sunday, I’m wearing the t-shirt you see in the above picture. If you purchased one of our adoption fundraiser t-shirts, first let me say, “THANK YOU!” Second, please wear your t-shirt to SOBC or your church this Sunday, and take a selfie using #martinfamilyadoption!

Wearing your t-shirt can be a great reminder for all of us to care for the orphans all around the world, and serve as a reminder to pray for my family as we continue on our adoption journey.

By the way…if anyone asks you, “What does your shirt say?”
You can tell them, “Always Keep Smiling.”

This is a pattern in the life of the Southern Baptist Missionary to China, Lottie Moon. As we continue to study her missionary journeys, Lottie used her smile, and fresh baked cookies to break down barriers with the Chinese people in order to share the Gospel.

My prayer is that no matter what life brings, I would Always Keep Smiling so God can use me in that situation for His glory, and to impact people with the Gospel.

Don’t forget to wear your t-shirt to church this Sunday & take a selfie using #martinfamilyadoption!
Don’t forget to pray for our family and our adopted daughter from China!
Don’t forget to Always Keep Smiling!

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