Always Keep Smiling! Several months ago we began the adoption journey, and at first it was not easy to Always Keep Smiling. From the beginning of our adoption process, we’ve had to fill out a lot of paper work, and more paper work, and even more paper work. We’ve had to get a physical, our blood drawn, our finger printed, interviewed, and did I mention all the paper work? In spite of all of that, God is taking us on this wonderful journey to adopt, and to Always Keep Smiling has become easier and easier to do! I mean, why wouldn’t I Always Keep Smiling? I serve a Mighty God who loves me and provides

for me. I have a wonderful wife who supports me, and three amazing biological children who bring me so much joy. And, right now as I’m writing this and you’re reading this, God has a beautiful child from China already picked out to be my daughter. WOW! I get to adopt her into my family to love and care for her, and tell her the Gospel of Jesus Christ so one day she will be adopted into the family of God! Those are just a few of the reasons why I can Always Keep Smiling!

Another reason why I can Always Keep Smiling is because of you! So many of you have prayed for us and helped support us with your time and treasure during our adoption fundraising process. Many of you came out to help when we had a garage sale in the blistering heat of a Texas summer! Many of you purchased our adoption t-shirts! For all that you’ve done to encourage us to keep going, to pray for us, and bless us…thank you for helping me to Always Keep Smiling!

Here’s one more reason I can Always Keep Smiling! My wife is making her famous “Sally’s Salsa!” During the month of November and December my wife is making her famous “Sally’s Salsa” for $10.00 a jar! If you’re interested in one, two, three, or more jars of amazing “Sally’s Salsa” you can contact her HERE!

Thank you for all the wonderful words of encouragement and continued prayers as we navigate down this new path. Thank you for your financial support as we continue to raise funds ($30-$40K) to bring our China daughter home. If you’re interested in donating funds to our adoption, click here to DONATE FUNDS! And yes, this will help me to Always Keep Smiling!


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