Things I’m Happy To See In The Church Today


I am thankful to serve God and His people in the local church!  I’m also thankful for what I see God doing in His church today!  If you’ve been attending a church over the past several years, you’ve probably seen a lot of stuff happen that has left you disheartened.  I pray this post gives you some hope and encouragement in the church today.  These are just a few of the GREAT things I’m seeing the church today.

  • A resurgence for Christ-centered, expository preaching
  • The desire to sing the best of the old hymns, and the best of the new choruses in the worship of God
  • The use of congregational responsive readings for worship
  • The reading of Scripture throughout the worship service
  • Intentional times of confession, prayer, and silence in worship
  • The greater use of liturgy in worship
  • A more frequent remembrance of the Lord’s Supper in worship
  • Replacing the desire to attract people, to leading people to worship God
  • The decision to stop preaching a watered-down Gospel
  • Singing deep, rich, theological rich songs that Exalt God and Edify His Church
  • A shift away from staffing silo ministries, to staffing family ministries
  • Providing opportunities for multi-generational families to worship together on Sunday and giving  them resources for family worship at home
  • The continuation of extending an invitation for people to take steps toward placing their faith in Christ, joining a church, or praying
  • An emphasis on church membership by teaching the importance of church membership
  • A renewed passion of making disciples that make disciples
  • A return to door-to-door evangelism
  • A desire for the younger generation to be discipled/mentored by the older generation
  • A desire for the older generation to see the younger generation step up to leadership opportunities

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