Prayer Is The Engine Room


Charles Spurgeon, best known as the 19th century London “Prince of Preachers”, knew the importance and power of praying to God to see thousands of people in his church and city transformed.  Pastors and church leaders would travel to his church to learn the secret of his success.  When visitors would arrive at Spurgeon’s church he would take them down to the basement prayer-room where people were on their knees crying out to God in prayer.  He called this prayer-room the Engine Room Of The Church.  “If the engine room is out of action,” Spurgeon explains, “then the whole mill will grind to a halt.  We cannot expect blessing if we do not ask.”

As a Pastor of a wonderful church, I’ve come to realize that the longer I’m in ministry, the more I see a great need for prayer in my life and the life of the church.  Sadly, prayer has been reduced to the last resort, or the opening/closing of a church meeting.  Let’s be honest, you can have great music and worship, exciting ministries for children and students, but if you leave out prayer, you’ve got nothing!  A church that is not saturated in prayer opens itself up to attacks from the enemy and a lifeless church with an inward focus.

I desire to see true Gospel impact from the Church!  Without the power of prayer leading the way, this may never happen.  I’m praying for a resurgence of prayer and evangelism to come to my church and the families we serve.  Let us remember, “Prayer Is The Engine Room” behind everything we do.  Let’s commit ourselves to prayer to see that the power of prayer comes back to our churches, our families, and our communities.

Let’s join together to see the Engine Room rev up once again!

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