Why Church Membership Matters


Over the past few weeks I’ve been leading a study in Church Membership at my church.  It’s been a great study!  It’s one that I hope to lead again, and again.  We’ve used a book entitled, “Church Membership.”  From this class, here are a few reasons why church membership matters.

  1. It Shows Your Commitment To God And His People.  Church membership is a visible statement to God and His people, that you are a part of God’s family at a particular church family.  Being a member of a church is where Christians live out their faith with other Christians.
  2. It Shows Our Culture The Importance Of Commitment.  My daughter is a member of a dance company, and I have seen them place a higher level of making a commitment and require more from their members than many churches do.  Joining a church says “I am committed to this group of people and they are committed to me. I am here to give, more than get.”  It shows our society the importance of sticking with something in the good times and the difficult times.
  3. It Keeps Us Accountable.  Joining a church shows the importance of every member working together to encourage, correct, and serve one another.  When  joining a church we place our lives under Biblical leadership and submitting to Biblical authority.  Hebrews 13:7 says, “Remember your leaders, those who spoke to you the word of God. Consider the outcome of their way of life, and imitate their faith.”  We are saying, “I want to be a member, I want help in my spiritual growth, and I want to help others grow.
  4. It Helps Pastors Know Who To Shepherd.  Hebrews 13:17 says, “They keep watch over you as men who must give an account.”  This one verse has dropped me to my knees in prayer for the members of my church.  In our staff meetings, and deacons meetings we talk about how to help our church members grow in their spiritual life, and pray for members of our church that are in need of care regarding their spiritual life.We want to lovingly check in with our church members we haven’t seen at church for a while.  If you never become a church member, it is difficult to know if you’re here, there, or elsewhere.  It’s a challenge for pastors to shepherd the church when they don’t know who really considers them their shepherds.  Here’s a great article on the Pastor as Shepherd.
  5. It Gives You The Opportunity To Make And Keep Promises.  When someone becomes a member at Shady Oaks Baptist Church, they make a promise to attend all services regularly, pray for one another and our mission, give to the mission of the church, serve the church and our community, accept the spiritual guidance of the church, obey Biblical teachings, and strive for unity within the church.  These promises should not be taken lightly.  Once we make them, we must strive to keep them, and encourage others to keep them as well for the Glory of God and the good of others.

Church Membership Matters!  The Bible is very clear in pointing believers toward membership in a local Church for our encouragement, protection, and instruction.  We seek to carry out this vision through the following process by which to join Shady Oaks Baptist Church.

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