I’m Ready To Get Lottie!


This is a picture of my daughter Lottie! I can’t wait to see her face to face, hold her as her Daddy, and love her forever! This blog post will unload all that is going on in my mind in regards to the adoption process that I am going through.

  • Adoption started out extremely scary! But now, not so much.
  • Adoption was going to be EXPENSIVE! God provides!
  • I am so thankful for a CHURCH that has stood with us through this entire process.
  • I’m too old to adopt! I can do all things through him who strengthens me. Philippians 4:13
  • There is way too much paper work! YEP! Get over it, and thank God for a wife who is AWESOME!
  • Will she love me? Yes…but it might take time.
  • Will I be a good Dad? Yes…I’ve been a Dad for three kids and they seem to be okay.
  • I am so ready to travel to China to hug and hold my daughter for the first time!
  • I am so thankful that my beautiful wife Sally encouraged us to take steps of faith toward adoption.
  • I’m also thankful that my beautiful wife Sally has been so GREAT in leading the way through our Adoption process.
  • I pray more families will come to the realization that #AdoptionIsTheGospel
  • I am looking forward to seeing Sally, Luke, Grace, Moriah, and myself fall in LOVE with Lottie!
  • I am praying right now for Lottie to one day make Jesus Christ her Savior and Lord!
  • One day, I hope to encourage others who are praying about adoption! If that’s you, please CONTACT ME!

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