My Dreams For The Church


I haven’t blogged in several weeks.  The reasons I haven’t blogged in several weeks is because I have been spending my time in prayer and God’s Word for the future for our church.  If you’re a pastor, you know that a vision for the future is always knocking at your door.  It’s always right in front of you, crying out to you, HERE I AM…COME AND FIND ME…And when you do…SHARE ME WITH OTHERS!  Yep!  That’s Vision!  

Now, please don’t think I’m saying vision is a bad dude.  Vision is a good thing.  It’s a needed part of the church to help move us forward to a preferred future.  But one key is for vision is it must be GOD’S VISION and not man’s!  If I’m truly honest, that is a hard truth for me to sallow.  It’s hard to sallow because I HAVE DREAMS…I HAVE GOALS…I HAVE A VISION!  Do you see the problem with that math?  I…I…I!

So, here “i” am begging God to reveal His vision to me and our church.  My dream for the church is for God to reveal His vision, not just to me, but to our entire church!  Let us pray, and long for a day when God’s people will truly humble ourselves before God and say, “Not my will, but Thy will!”

In my prayers I am praying about a few things, and I hope that these line up with God’s Vision for our church.

  1. Lift Up The Name Of Jesus In Worship…no matter what style we sing.
  2. Reach Lost People In The Name Of Jesus…no matter how difficult it is.
  3. Equip families to make disciples…no matter how much time it might take.
  4. Challenge people to grow in their faith…in life groups and in serving.
  5. Pastor the church…time spent in loving and caring for people.

This post is not exclusive to just these five things that a vision should include, but they’re a good starting point.  Do you have any additional thoughts on this?  Let me know by sending me a comment.

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