To The Class Of 2017!


CLASS OF 2017…Congratulations!  You did it.  You made it through all the homework, tests, projects, papers, and stress.  Most likely you have positioned yourself to move on to bigger and better things.

If you’re a Christian graduate, the next step is diving into another degree or a new career.  No matter where you are headed, I would like to share a few tips to help you get started:

  1. Find A Church To Join. When you leave home and head off to college or career, one of the smartest things you can do is find a church that preaches the Gospel of Jesus Christ!  You will be placed in a world that wants to press in on you and conform you to their way of thinking and living.  I pray you will find a church to join and surround yourself with Christ followers who are serious about growing in their walk with Him!
  2. Study Hard, But Don’t Neglect Your Faith.  In college or career you will be challenged to learn new and wonderful things.  The classes you take, the development you receive will most likely be based on a worldly point of view.  Yes, it will be difficult to balance your faith with this new season of life that is in the world.  But, I want to encourage you to study hard, learn all you can learn, but don’t let go on your faith in Jesus Christ!  Read your Bible, Pray, Worship, and Share your faith just as much if not more than anything else you do.
  3. Keep Your Guard Up.  I have been where you are heading, and I wish someone would have told me these things.  Keep your guard up!  Your enemy, Satan, is a real and living animal that is prowling around seeking to devour every single Christ follower.  When you head out to your new adventure it will be exciting and it will be enticing.  Temptations will come.  Pressure will squeeze you.  A time will come when you will need to draw a line in the sand and keep your guard up while you stay faithful to Christ.
  4. Share Your Faith.  Wherever God is sending you, He is sending you as a missionary to share your faith in Jesus Christ to a lost and dying world.  Everything you have learned from the Lord and every way you have grown in the Lord has placed you where you are today to make a Gospel Impact on others.  God is sending you to a new campus.  God is sending you to a new job.  God is sending you to a new place so that you will share your faith in Jesus Christ and make HIM known.

CLASS OF 2017…I am praying for you!  The Lord has a great plan for you to bring glory to His name and serve Him for the good of all people!  PRESS ON!

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