Life In Adoption


WOW!  What a whirlwind of a summer!  We brought Lottie home on June 17th and I thought this would be a good time to update everyone on how things are going!  Here are the highlights.


  • Lottie is full of energy, joy, laughter, and many other emotions!
  • Our family is bonding with her and this is a beautiful thing.
  • Lottie is smart and she’s a thinker.
  • She loves to try new foods, but when she doesn’t like something, she will tell us!
  • We have experienced a lot of tears, sleepless nights, and loud melt-downs.
  • Our family schedule has changed drastically…we’ve had to slow down.
  • She’s a good sleeper, and loves to take baths.
  • We are slowly introducing her to family, and our church family.
  • We are learning how to communicate with each other in English.  This is fun and challenging.
  • She does NOT like our dog!  This has been a challenge.
  • When Lottie waves her hand at you, she is not saying, “HI!”  What she is really saying is, “I’ve had enough, and I’m ready for you to leave.”  She’s not being rude.  She’s just ready to CHILL!  A lot of people overwhelm her greatly.
  • Adoption is the hardest thing Sally and I have done.  The Good News is that Adoption is the Gospel!  God has shown us His great love for us through this process in a child who sometimes doesn’t want love, or affection, or even hugs.  Even when we continue to reject God, He continues to love us in spite of our rejection.  We are thankful to God that He is allowing us to live out the Gospel through our adoption.
  • Here is a great way you can help us out…PRAY!  Pray for our family to be brought closer through the Gospel and not separated by the pressures of adoption.

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