My Top Four Pastor Goals

A few months ago I was introduced to a saying during a pre-conference session entitled “The disciple making pastor” by Pastor Mark Dever.


This has become something I am striving to do as I serve as pastor at my church.

1. Preach
I am called to glorify God and make disciples one to one as well as one to many. I want to surrender myself to preaching God’s Word and not promoting programs.  The heart of my ministry as a pastor is my private study of God’s Word.

2. Pray
I am called to pray for my church family and be an example to them on how to pray to God and pray for one another.  I love my church and I want to stand in the gap, calling out to God in prayer for them.

3. Love
I love my church!  I desire to show my love for my church by serving them, serving with them, spending time with them, and helping them follow Jesus.  I want to love my church through triumph, and tragedy.  This is part of my own discipleship to help my church follow Jesus.

4. Stay
As pastor of an established church, I pray daily I can pastor our church at a pace our congregation can keep for the long haul.  I believe the best days of our church are ahead of us!  I hope and pray I can see those days as we help lead our church to be one that Glorifies God and Makes Disciples.

If you are a member of Shady Oaks Baptist Church, please pray for me as I seek to accomplish these goals as your pastor.

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