Christmas Time Is Here…And I Love It!


If you know me at all, you know that I love Christmas!  I love all things Christmas and I love that it is Christmas time once again!  Even before Halloween, my 9 year old daughter Moriah and I began preparing for Christmas by introducing my 3 year old daughter Lottie to her very first Christmas movie…”The Polar Express.”  If you are wondering if she liked it or not, I think she loved the movie.  This is a special Christmas for my family because it’s Lottie’s first Christmas with us!  She has been in our family for five months and I have been so excited about this Christmas!

This Christmas I hope to bring some of the wonderful Christmas traditions into my family by celebrating with family and friends, enjoying the beautiful decorations, sitting by the glow of the lights, while watching our favorite Christmas movies or listening to our favorite carols.

I also hope to slow down and really enjoy the season of Christmas.  One of the ways we will be doing is by an Advent Devotional Guide.  This study was written to help you experience the Christmas season in a deeper way.  It is designed to help you connect with the coming of Jesus.  During the devotional we will center on four aspects that Jesus’ coming brought to the world: hope, joy, peace and love.

I believe that Advent is the antidote to a hurried holiday.  I want to invite your family to join my church family, and together, let’s take a slow walk to the manger together.

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