I Know Children In The Main Worship Service Is Right


I could have titled this post, “Why I believe”, or “Why I feel” children in the main  worship service is right.  Instead, the title for this post is, “I Know Children In The Main Worship Service Is Right.”  When I first came to our church as pastor we had a children’s worship service.  I was always in favor for that service until I began seeing my daughter and other children come to the main worship service with their parents.  What I saw was amazing!  They were not bored. They were not disruptive.  Instead, they were learning, growing, and enjoying being with the full church body. After months of prayer with our staff, now all of our children worship with their families in the main worship service.

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My Dreams For The Church


I haven’t blogged in several weeks.  The reasons I haven’t blogged in several weeks is because I have been spending my time in prayer and God’s Word for the future for our church.  If you’re a pastor, you know that a vision for the future is always knocking at your door.  It’s always right in front of you, crying out to you, HERE I AM…COME AND FIND ME…And when you do…SHARE ME WITH OTHERS!  Yep!  That’s Vision!   Continue reading “My Dreams For The Church”

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