I Know Children In The Main Worship Service Is Right


I could have titled this post, “Why I believe”, or “Why I feel” children in the main  worship service is right.  Instead, the title for this post is, “I Know Children In The Main Worship Service Is Right.”  When I first came to our church as pastor we had a children’s worship service.  I was always in favor for that service until I began seeing my daughter and other children come to the main worship service with their parents.  What I saw was amazing!  They were not bored. They were not disruptive.  Instead, they were learning, growing, and enjoying being with the full church body. After months of prayer with our staff, now all of our children worship with their families in the main worship service.

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If you think poor church attendance won’t really affect your family, think again:

“In a Q&A, Carl Trueman was asked about why churches today are losing their young people. Typical answers to this question range from things like the temptations of this world or the irrelevance of the church–your typical answers. But Trueman makes a keen and convicting connection between our parenting and apostasy…

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Why We Sing


Some encouraging words from Jonathan Leeman, 9Marks Editorial Director, on the importance of corporate singing:

“At my church’s Sunday gathering, the preacher and everyone leading the service sits on the stage facing the congregation.

In the past, I’ve been tempted to wonder if they’re really worshipping, or just looking around. Doesn’t someone who is really worshipping close his eyes, put up his hands, and wear an expression of rapture?

At least that’s what I wondered until it was me sitting on stage, looking at the congregation. When the singing begins, I’m beholding God’s people praise God. And it’s unbelievable! …

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