Come On!
Who doesn’t love books?

I Love Books!  I love to read books for pure joy, but also for growing.  I’d like to share with you the books that I am currently reading and share a simple review of the book.  It is my prayer that this helps you, and encourages you to read more books, and grow in your faith.

June 2018


“The Gospel Conversation” Engaging the Lost in Everyday Life by Sam Greer

I am currently reading this book and it has been very helpful, and encouraging to know that engaging in a gospel conversation is hard work, but it is worth it!  Everyday conversations are the way to gospel conversations.  Jesus talked to people.  Jesus called his followers to talk to people.  In the early church, followers of Jesus couldn’t help but speak in and about the name of Jesus.  In the modern church, too many followers of Jesus don’t talk about Him at all.  Why are believers in the local church not talking to their family, friends, or each other about Christ?  This book answers the following questions:

• Why should followers of Jesus be engaging in gospel conversations?
• What does engaging the lost look like in everyday life?
• How can we connect people to Jesus one conversation at a time?

In The Gospel Conversation, Sam Greer gives us a biblical, intentional, and practical approach to engaging the lost in everyday life.  By unpacking a conversation that Paul had with Philemon and through his own personal gospel conversations, Sam provides powerful and practical insight to help every Christ-follower start gospel conversations.